MINI36026 Pilots Like Flying, Framed UV Poster Board

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Our Brand " PIXOTILES":
PIXOTILES UV Printing for Luminous Colors and Depth
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Made in USA:
Orlando, Florida

As the printer distributes the ink onto the substrate, specially designed UV lights follow behind and cure the ink almost instantly. Because of this rapid curing process individual dots of wet ink do not get a chance to spread or soak into the substrate. This results in detailed and vibrant prints. UV curing also allows us to print directly onto nontraditional materials like acrylic, glass, and wood – virtually any substrate up to 2″ thick. In addition, UV cured inks are weather-resistant and resistant to fading. Most importantly, UV inks are low VOC and contain no solvents for a lower environmental impact.


Does UV printing fade?

With UV curable ink, the ink isn't absorbed by the material, like CMYK printing, so there's no smudging and no need for additional costly coatings. Another great thing about UV cured inks is that they are weather-resistant and are not prone to fading like canvas or paper.


UV inks are abrasion and chemical resistant . Besides becoming instantly cure, UV is permanent film-like ink and cannot be washed away in the shower, or with alcohol.